Key features

Stylebox is a fully customisable web-based application so you can have more of the features you like and change the features you don't. The basic version includes:

  • Customised homepage:

    Your Stylebox will be hosted on its own dedicated url with a custom branded homepage
  • Image upload:

    Add unlimited images to your collection. Stylebox automatically splits them into low, medium and high resolution.
  • Customisable categories:

    Set categories for your images and logos so that they can be easily found.
  • Admin controlled access:

    Control who has what access to which images. Provide low resolution only access to potential licensees and full access to trusted partners.
  • Lightbox creation:

    Create and send lightboxes via email so that you can prepare a selection of images for a specific licensee or marketing campaign.
  • Administrative control :

    View new submissions from licensees and mark for approval/rejection. Add new images, change categories, delete or archive images. Add/edit/delete users with different access levels, view statistics about images downloaded.
  • Hosting and Support:

    Your Stylebox is hosted on a secure server and backed up daily. You can call telephpone support from 9.30-5.30 with any questions or queries.
  • Customise your Stylebox:

    In addition to these features, Stylebox can be customised according to your requirements, adapting to your licensing programme as it grows.